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About My Candida Diet Success Story

About Yeast Free Living

Hi and welcome to Yeast Free Living!  If you made it to my site you are most likely looking for information on how to follow a yeast free diet, also known as a candida or anti-candida diet.  Maybe you were told by your health care practitioner that a yeast free diet may be beneficial to you, or maybe you ended up here as a result of your own research, either way, I hope that you find the information on Yeast Free Living helpful.  Yeast Free Living is my personal blog where I share my experience living yeast free.  Here you will find recipes, personally recommended products, tips, and hopefully some inspiration for your own journey.

Why I Started This Site

Living yeast free is hard.  Like most people, my life is hectic and trying to figure out how to follow a yeast free diet while keeping up with day-to-day life is stressful.  As I learned more about the dos and don’ts of the candida diet and started to create recipes to fit my life, I quickly realized that sharing this information may benefit others.  I started this site in 2008 and I have updated it on-and-off since.

About the Recipes

I prepare all of the recipes posted on Yeast Free Living.  My family, friends, and I  have tried and enjoy all of these recipes.  I get recipe ideas from everywhere and adapt them to be appropriate for the candida diet.   I tend to stay away from recipes that require numerous and/or exotic ingredients, as this often means more time in the kitchen or extra trips to specialty stores.  I try to prepare meals as quickly as possible in my house and the recipes on Yeast Free Living reflect this.  My daughter Cheyenne is also developing some kid friendly yeast free recipes and will be contributing recipes to the site periodically.

My Candida Diet Success Story

While there are parts of this story that are extremely embarrassing for me to share, I truly believe that sharing these things will help others.  Every time I share this story in my daily life it seems to help someone, so being able to do this on a larger scale makes me extremely happy.

It has been about eighteen years since I first realized that something was just not right with my overall health.  I was fifteen when I first started getting chronic yeast and urinary tract infections, and bacterial vaginosis.  After being prescribed countless courses of antifungals and antibiotics and never experiencing more than a few symptom free weeks at a time, I pretty much gave up on ever feeling well again.  Experiencing this during my teenage years was difficult.  The teenage years are awkward enough without having to deal with these types of intimate infections.

The intimate infections were not my only health issue.  I was also experiencing chronic sinus infections, unexplained fatigue, and depression.  I sought help from numerous physicians but exam after exam yielded no answers.  While I was able do well in high school, both academically and athletically, despite how crappy I felt most of the time, my depression became debilitating during the fall of 1999.  This was the first semester of my third year of college and I was completely unable to function.  I had to drop several classes and my GPA plummeted.  I was suspended from the basketball team because I was unable to get myself out of bed and consequently was always late for practice.  It was at this point that I sought the help of a psychiatrist.  I was prescribed Wellbutrin to treat my depression and started weekly counseling.  The Wellbutrin and counseling were extremely effective and I was able to pull myself together.  I started doing well in school again and was able to rejoin the basketball team.

While my depression was under control, my other issues continued throughout college and post-graduation. I continued to take antifungals and antibiotics as prescribed every time I got an infection, but nothing ever worked long term.  Even while pregnant I had to be treated several times.  In 2006 I started to read the book Overcoming Candida by Xandria Williams.  I had actually picked up this book 4 years earlier during a book giveaway at an internship, but it just sat on my bookshelf.  I don’t know what made me finally start to read this book, but as I read about candida overgrowth and the health issues that it causes, I knew in my heart that I had finally found the cause of my health issues.  I had all of the risk factors and many of the symptoms that were attributed to candida overgrowth.   After searching for so long I was thrilled to know what I was dealing with and how I could improve my health.

I decided to give the candida diet a try and the results were nothing short of spectacular.  I followed a strict yeast free diet for about 6 months and during that period many of my symptoms subsided.  I had more energy, fewer infections, and I lost a ton of weight.  I was finally on my way to regaining my health but after this 6 month period I struggled to maintain this way of eating.  Today, I strive to eat yeast free but often falter.  Many of my health issues have returned and I hope that I can find the strength to make myself well again by following this diet.

A Little More About Me

I am a single mother of two girls, Cheyenne (Age 10) and Nivea (Age 5).  I have had more jobs than I care to admit, but my most recent work experience is in HR/Recruiting.  I love everything about fitness and exercise on a regular basis.  I am a Daisy Girl Scout troop leader.  I love to speak French but do so terribly.  I like to sing but don’t do that so well either.

Thanks for visiting Yeast Free Living!