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Alcohol and Candida

I figured it was a good time to write a post about alcohol and the candida diet because this is an area that I am currently struggling in.  As I am sure you know alcohol is not allowed on the candida diet but I had a drink last night while I was out with some girlfriends at Fridays.   Despite the fact that I gave myself the usually pep talk about having will power and resisting temptation before I left the house once I was out with the girls and having a good time I felt unable to resist.  I don’t need to drink but I like to drink while in social settings in which it is appropriate.  I guess this means I am a social drinker and I know it means that my recovery from candida overgrowth will be compromised by my social drinking.  I am headed out again tonight.  This time I will be going to a party at a friend’s house.  I am sure there is going to be alcohol there and I just wanted to refresh my memory regarding the candida diet and alcohol dilema and if there are perhaps any choices  that I at least a little better than the sugar laden drink I chose on a whim last night.  I do feel crappy today and I think it is because of all the sugar in that drink.  I did only have one drink so I guess I practiced some restraint but I want to do better tonight.

So why is alcohol not allowed on the candida diet? According to William G. Crook, MD a pioneer in treating candida overgrowth in countless numbers of patients states the following regarding alcohol:

” Wines, beers and other alcoholic beverages contain high levels of yeast contamination, so if you’re allergic to yeast you’ll need to avoid them.  You should stay away from alcoholic beverages for another reason: They contain large amounts of quick-acting carbohydrate.  If you drink these beverages, you’ll be feeding your yeast.”

So there are two things that we have to consider about alcohol consumption.  Are you allergic or sensitive to yeast?  If so then consuming alcoholic beverages that contain yeast will probably exacerbate your candida overgrowth symptoms.  The second matter at hand that many alcoholic beverages have a exorbitant amount of quick-acting carbohydrates which raise blood sugar levels and feed the yeast.   Additionally many hard liquors are enjoyed with sweet accompaniments such as juice, sour mix and fruit and these are also a
no-no on the candida diet, as they too feed the yeast.  So what are we candida sufferers to do about alcohol beverages?  Is there any alcohol that is okay on the candida diet?  I found that consuming small amounts of vodka and gin, which are both extremely low in carbohydrates may be okay for the candida dieter.  Any distilled liquor should be okay since the yeast is removed in the distillation process.  This does not mean that consuming a whole bottle of vodka or gin is healthy for you all it means is that on your occasional night out a serving of vodka or gin may not cause a setback in your candida diet.  As always your body will guide you with the presence or absence of symptoms and this is how we find out what is best for us.  I hope this helps you navigate through the candida alcoholic dilemma a little better.  I am off to my party.   Have a great night!

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28 comments to Alcohol and Candida

  • Hi,
    I liked how candid your post was about living and managing a life with Candida. It can be an ongoing process like you say – and hard to resist all temptations, all the time – Thanks for the tidbit of info – Good luck!

  • admin

    Hi Lisa,

    It is very hard to stay on the candida diet when socializing. I usually succumb to all of the temptation that being out on the town brings. I am still struggling with this. I am happy that you found my post about this issue helpful.


  • emma

    you amazing! I’m 20 and suffering from Candida and party pooping.
    I’ve got all my friends 21st coming up and i just feel complete out of the loop if i cant have at least one or two drinks. Don’t worry i havent completely missed the point that alcohol isnt going to help, but it will help me sleep at night knowing that having a drink or two isnt going to set my back to square one of the detox.
    Thanks for taking your time to share this info.

    Best of luck.

  • Baby Frank

    Good post.
    I’m a candida sufferer. Have been for years and I think alcohol has been a major cause in my adversities with this disease.
    I haven’t drank in a month, not a drop. But, I think tonight, a little celebration of gin is called for!

  • dee

    It should be noted that the vodka should be distilled at least 5 times and mixed only with ice, water ot soda water. NOT tonic or any other sugar filled mixer. Garnish with a lemon or lime only as well! I have tested this myself :)

  • pete

    okay so it seems vodka may be okey..thats great..but vodka on its own there a mixer that can be used

  • paul

    im fed up, i suffer from candida thrush exct.. every time i get treatment it works but only while on it as soon as of it im ill again ,iv got the most dragy diet imaginable cant even drink alchol ,is brandy ok no

  • Margarethe

    Distilled alcohol does not contain any carbohydrate nor are carbs a by-product of breaking down alcohol-these are two myths that people often hear. Alcohol contains no sugar, fat or protein. So why does it have calories? Well, your body metabolizes alcohol before any other food substance, therefore “suspending” your metabolism for seven calories per gram. But distilled alcohol should not be a problem on the candida diet since it had no sugar or anything that would “feed” candida. This is only for pure, distilled, unflavoured, alcohol and not wine, beer, or mixed drinks.

  • steph

    I think Brandy is quite high in sugar :o / I tried vodka with soda water and a squeeze or two or fresh lime (also great for alkalinising the body) – quite yummy actually. Try it!! – but not too often ;o)

  • Rachel from Toronto ON Canada

    Doing the Candida diet and participate in social events is hard and the journey a long one. I really value this info, it seems that a little plain vodka while not helpful may be possible. I had wondered if a glass of super dry white wine might be possible, but after reading your insights have decided to allow a vodka mix martini. I will make a vodka martini mixed with Kombucha. This is a super healthy probiotic, enzyme rich, near zero sugar and antioxidant rich drink which is a tasty Candida yeast fighting beverage. I have been buying Kombucha as part of my Candida diet regimen and its great. Just kinda expense, as each bottle at Whole Foods cost between 3.50 and 4.50 each. It comes in a variety of delicious natural flavours and brands such as berry with maple syrup, and ginger with lemongrass, peach and so many more. Note that while there are flavours with fruit, the sugar will be zero or near zero because the probiotics feed on the sugar and then it is bottled when finished. I plan to start making it at home soon which will be pennies a bottle. Making it looks easy and takes about 30 days per batch.

    Anyhoo, tonight I will introduce Kombucha Martini’s to my friends. I know they will love it too.

    Resources to learn about Kombucha

    Rachel M
    Toronto ON Canada

  • Stacey

    :( I tried making the switch to vodka. Turns out I’m allergic to it. Red, blotchy face, neck and jaw, ears- my earlobes went purple just can’t win.

  • Isabel

    Woohoo i’m going to have some Vodka tonight! After 14 days of no alcohol. lol. I have been drinking 100% carrot juice from costco and have no problems with it.

  • Tennille

    Hi Isabel,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Congratulations on making it 14 days. That is a huge deal. I am happy that I can tolerate vodka, as there are times when a cocktail is really necessary. Thanks for the sharing your experience with Costco’s carrot juice. I am going pick some up and give it a try. Thanks again for stopping by.

    Be well,

  • truthbetold2014

    14 days? Try 6 months. I have not had even a drop for 6 months, and today is July 4th and me and my wife’s anniversary. Just my luck the only alcohol I have in the house is Grey Goose Vodka. So I think it’s time for a lil bit of fun tonight=)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by. Six months rocks! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Yes, vodka is a lifesaver. I truly hope you enjoy your 4th of July and Anniversary.

    Be well,

  • Eonwe

    I have a sugar-free, 95 calorie adult beverage recipe that needs to be here…

    In a tall glass mix the following…
    1.5 oz vodka
    juice of one lime
    3-5 drops of liquid stevia
    fill glass 2/3 with ice and top off with club soda NOT tonic water
    Stir gently with a straw and enjoy!

  • This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  • John

    So you all are saying vodka is ok while on this diet?

  • Margaret

    I went 18 years without drinkinh, did strick diet for 3 years
    Still have candida, have chronic neck pain started having a few drinks a night for my pain, its bad so i just got a candida zapper and i have a few drinks every night, let ya know how that goes.

  • Janice

    Check out Baja Bob’s mixers — sugar-free, no carbs or calories. Their Sweet-n-Sour Mix goes great with vodka.

  • Janice

    P.S. I found Baja Bob’s mixers at D’Lites. They sell a lot of low or no carb items in addition to their ice cream, which is purportedly safe for diabetics. (I have no affiliation with them. You can also find these mixers on Amazon.) I looked up the carb count for rum and tequila, and they also have 0 carbs, so you could also make margaritas or pina coladas with Baja Bob’s mixers.

  • lola

    So I was super clean for 3 years, started back on wine a year ago and now have psoriasis, dont want to and will have to stop drinking, discomfort is horrible. I love my evening meltdown and will miss…. GOD works in mysterious ways :-)

  • Trish

    Isn’t Kombucha yeast? How can you drink Kombucha on a yeast free Diet?
    See below:
    A kombucha culture is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), that contains, as its name implies, one or more species each of bacteria and yeasts, which form a zoogleal mat known as a “mother.”

  • Edward Rumsby

    So I am assuming tequila is out. I have been going strong for 5 weeks now with the only blip being an incredible Rueben during a pub crawl/H.S get together. During this time span I haven’t had 1 drink. The problem is I really enjoy 1 or 2 anejo tequilas on the rocks. Any thoughts?

  • Nicole

    The Better Health Institute in FL says this, “Triple distilled vodkas, gins, and silver tequilas are generally safe due to the repeat distillation process.”

  • If you have candida oyu may like to read my Paper: Leaky gut-the cause of allergies, asthma and auto-immune disease on my website.

    p.s. You can also try rice milk as a mix with Vodka or Gin.

  • great information

    Indeed, we must have a balanced diet including alcohol because of the fungus Candida albicans proliferation

  • I have been doing the Candida diet for 3 months now, but also have found it extremely hard to stay away from alcohol! I LOVE wine and beer and its been hard for me. I have read that beer that is filtered works for the candida diet because it gets most of the yeast out-anyone have experience with this?

    I have too found that vodka, soda, and lime/lemon works great and I don’t have the symptoms the next day that I would have if I cheated and had wine.

    Kombucha didn’t work for me at all-even though it was natural sugars and it was low I still reacted. I do know that Kefir is fine though- because the bacteria eats the yeast and actually kills candida. I’ve stayed away from yogurt because of the sugar content.

    Also for those of you doing the diet for the first time, stay away from any natural fruits other than berries (low in sugar) and high fruit vegetables (carrot, beet) and starchy foods like potatoes or rice.

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