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Barley Malt and Candida

So what is barley malt and why do I have to avoid it on the candida diet?  Barley malt is one of those ingredients that is in a lot of the food that we consume but most of us probably never even realized it.  It is not barley that is the problem, as barley is a wholesome grain with numerous documented health benefits.  Barley  is part of the grass family which includes other familiar grains such as wheat, rye, corn, millet and oats.  It is a grain that is allowed on candida diet in moderation and provided you do not have gluten intolerance or sensitivity.  So what do we need to know about barley malt and candida?

So if  barley isn’t the problem on the candida diet than what is?  The problem for many candida sufferers is the process by which barley malt is created from the barley.  Barley malt is derived from sprouted barley which then undergoes the process of fermentation.  It is the fermentation process in which yeast and/or bacteria is added that makes it unsuitable for the candida diet.  Barley malt extract often  has corn syrup added which can cause additional problems on the when trying to live yeast free.

Barley malt is often touted as a natural sweetener and a healthy alternative to processed sugar.  You will find barley malt even in many health food products and organic foods.  I do not dispute that barley malt may be a healthy alternative to the processed sugar but I believe that it is not a good choice for those who are trying to overcome candidiasis.  In order to stick to the candida diet barley malt and other malted products should be removed from your diet.

Become an expert label reader to avoid barley malt because it one of those sneaky ingredients.  Avoid products that list barley malt, malt, maltodextrin and or malted barley flour.  These ingredients are often found in cereals, crackers, bread, white flour and bagels.

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