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Candida Diet Friendly Bread

Candida Diet Friendly Bread

I did not realize how large of a role bread played in my diet until I decided to give it up in 2006, when I first embarked on the candida diet.   It was not until I tried to give up bread that I realized how much I actually ate it.  I discovered I was often eating bread 3 – 4 times a day and it became very difficult to give up.   It wasn’t so much the taste of bread that I missed but rather the convenience that store bought bread offered.  Sandwiches for instance seemed to be my favorite breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner choice, and a sandwich is just not a sandwich without bread.

As I became more familiar with the dos and don’ts of the candida diet and most importantly what worked for my body I realized that giving up bread for the sake of living yeast free was not entirely necessary.  Yes, my Freihofer’s bread was off limits because it contains ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, yeast, citric acid and other preservatives that may be problematic for those of us on the candida diet.  What I finally realized after encountering tons of yeast free products is that there is candida diet friendly bread available.  There are also several candida diet friendly bread alternatives available.  Your other option is to prepare your own yeast free bread, but I have not had much success in doing this.  I have tested many candida diet bread products and my favorite candida diet friendly bread alternatives to date are rice cakes and brown rice crackers.  In my opinion nothing that you make or buy will taste like the gluten filled, preservative laden bread that most of us have grown to love.  However, I am happy to report that I have discovered a variety of candida diet breads and alternatives that I really do enjoy.  The following is a list of candida diet bread products that I have tried and my experience with each of them.

Candida Diet Friendly Bread & Alternatives

Brown Rice Crackers
I don’t use these much but they work well when you are eating things like tuna, chicken or egg salad.  They add just a little bit a crunch to your meal.  I enjoy the taste of them but I have encountered some folks that do not.  They have a very grainy texture.  I recommend Mary’s Gone Crackers as they are not only yeast free but gluten free too which is important for those who are allergic or sensitive to wheat.  These crackers do contain organic alcohol so this would be a small cheat.

Rice Cakes
Plain salt-free rice cakes are what I use most frequently to replace bread.  I use these mostly because they are convenient, just buy a bag and use as needed.  I really enjoy the taste of rice cakes, but I realize many people will not feel the same way.  Most plain varieties of rice cakes are made with only brown rice but be sure to read the labels as you do not want to accidentally consume unwanted ingredients.  Lunch for me at work is more often than not turkey or tuna on rice cakes.  Yes I always keep the rice cakes separate until I am ready to put the sandwich together so they do not get soggy.

Yeast Free Bread Loaves
Believe it or not there are some prepared yeast free bread loafs in the store.  Unfortunately, I personally do not like the taste of many of them.  Brown rice loaf is my least favorite.  Brown rice tortillas are okay but I feel they work better as tortillas chips rather than an actual wrap for sandwich fillings.   French Meadow Bakery used to have an excellent yeast free bread loaf but I just checked (5/29/13) and they seem to have stopped making it.  I have heard great things about Pacific Bakery breads but have not had the opportunity to try any of their yeast free breads.  Food for Life , a company that is headquartered only a few miles from my house makes 2 types of yeast free bread that may work for stage 2 of thee diet.  Keep in mind that since these breads have no preservatives to extend shelf-life they will spoil quickly.  You will have to keep them frozen until ready for use.  Additionally, many of these breads do contain wheat or gluten.  If you are sensitive to wheat or gluten read labels carefully to choose the right product for you.

Yeast Free Bread Recipes
Although I have failed at making a tasty yeast free homemade bread loaf that could be sliced and used like the bread in the supermarket, I have succeeded at making other types of bread.  Yeast free tortillas, yeast free pizza dough and yeast free sesame rolls are a few of my favorite triumphs.  I do have a bread maker but I use a pre-packaged mix when using it.  Just remember to be patient when you are searching for recipes.  You will inevitably make something that tastes totally gross but that is all part of the process.

Yeast Free Bread Mixes
The only yeast free bread mix that I enjoy using is from Breads from Anna as I have tried others and just do not like the  way that they taste.  I have used this mix to make bread with and without a bread maker and the results were good using both methods.  Breads from Anna actually have a variety of bread mixes that cater to a variety of allergies but not all are suited for the candida diet.  The yeast free gluten free variety contains a mix of gluten free flours and uses cream of tartar instead of yeast.  It does contain regular salt and crystallized honey which may not be tolerated by everyone.


Yeast Free tortillas can be used as wraps for sandwich fillings.  I have tried to use brown rice tortillas for this purpose but find that they break too easily to create an enjoyable wrap experience.   There are many people who enjoy using brown rice tortillas as wraps so I did not want to omit this option here.  Corn tortillas on the other hand tend to be more pliable than brown rice tortillas.  I have had success creating wraps with corn tortillas.  If you are going to used tortillas read labels to avoid problematic ingredients.

 Specific Candida Diet Friendly Bread & Alternatives That I Have Used

Brown Rice Crackers

Mary’s Gone Herb Crackers

Rice Cakes

Quaker Plain Salt-Free Rice Cakes
ShopRite Plain Salt-Free Rice Cakes
Stop & Shop Plain Salt-Free Rice Cakes


Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas
Food For Life Corn Tortillas
Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortillas

Yeast Free Bread Mixes

Breads From Anna Gluten Free Yeast Free Bread Mix


Yeast Free Bread Loaves


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5 comments to Candida Diet Friendly Bread

  • I have been meaning to post something like this on my blog and this gave me an idea. Cheers.

  • Karen

    Hello, Tenille,

    I appreciate your website and all you share with the world of candida sufferers!

    You mentioned that you had come up with some good recipes for yeast free tortillas, yeast free pizza dough and yeast free sesame rolls. But I couldn’t seem to find them on your website… can you help me out here?

    I don’t know if this tip could be of any help in your recipes, but I’ve done some experimenting with tapioca flour and found that it makes a good binder (used in small amounts) in quick breads that otherwise tend to crumble. In fact, it’s one of the stickiest flours I’ve experienced. I used about 1/4 cup tapioca flour to 2 cups spelt flour. At first I tried making biscuits with equal amounts of tapioca and spelt, and the result was like trying to eat a sponge!

    Thanks if you can share your yeast-free bread recipes.

    Best Regards, Karen

  • Jon

    Thanks for the references on the yeast free breads to buy in the store. I’ll check those out. I’ve been looking for some good options.

  • Jon Carter

    Thank you for the suggestions no store bought yeast free bread. I’ll have to try those. I’ve been looking for some good opptions.

  • Lea Hood

    I am one of those Candidiasis sufferers. I also have metabolic syndrome and hypothyroidism, so there are all kinds of limitations on my diet.

    I use Wasa Light Rye crackers for open face sandwiches and as a side with soup or yogurt. I even make BLTs with them.

    I also use Wasa Crisp and Light as a substitute for saltines.

    I found a really good cracker in Sam’s Club a while back but it has disappeared from their shelf. It was Milton’s Blueberry Multi-Grain Baked Snack Crackers .

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