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Yeast Free Poppy Seed Cake

Yeast Free Poppy Seed Cake

This poppy seed cake was delicious.  There is a bit of prep work to do as you have to soak the poppy seeds in soy milk  for about 4-6 hours so plan accordingly.  I noticed this recipe in Gail Burton’s Candida Control Cookbook a long time ago

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Yeast Free Corn Muffins

Yeast Free Corn Muffins

So the first thing that I attempted during my weekend of yeast free baking was corn muffins.  I have been craving them for quite a while.  There was a period last year when I was working outside of my home and would go to Dunkin Donuts nearly

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Let the Yeast Free Baking Begin

It is about 9:35 AM on Saturday, January 30 here in New Jersey and my yeast free baking has been underway for almost an hour and a half.  I am two dishes in with my first batch of corn muffins completed and my sesame rolls

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