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Yeast Free Taco Night

Yeast Free Taco Night

Taco night has been a family tradition for many years.  This year however, I had to give our taco night a major overhaul.   Have you ever seen the taco kits in the supermarket?  Taco kits usually contain a combination of  hard and soft taco shells, taco sauce and a taco seasoning packet.  These kits make taco night a breeze but after reading the label on the kit that I use, it was clear that I shouldn’t be using it.  The push to make this change actually came when my children were diagnosed with multiple food allergies.  To be honest my children’s diagnosis was the impetus that I needed to once again clean up my diet.  While taco kits are no longer an option I wanted to preserve this family tradition.  I started to search for ways to create a yeast free, allergy friendly taco night.

The first thing I had to do was figure out an appropriate replacement for taco shells and tortillas.  Corn and wheat are the main ingredients in taco shells and tortillas and my children are allergic to both.  I tried brown rice tortillas, but unfortunately they just crumbled under the weight of the taco filings.  This made eating tacos significantly less enjoyable.  I thought we would have to get used to naked tacos but then I stumbled across a terrific recipe for tortillas at  Gluten Free Cooking School.  This recipe is nothing short of spectacular.  I did have some trouble rolling out the tortillas but shortly after I started making these Gluten Free Cooking School gave a tutorial on how to roll out these tortillas.  Gluten free cooking school is a terrific resource and I am looking forward to making other recipes from this site.

While these gluten free tortillas are terrific they do take some time to make.  The one thing I used to love about taco night was that it was easy and could be thrown together quickly.  When I don’t feel like making tortillas we use romaine lettuce hearts to eat taco fixings.   Additionally, if you have no issues with corn there are a few preservative free brands of corn tortillas and taco shells.

Now that we had taco shell options I turned my attention to the taco filling.  Well seasoned meat is the foundation of a great taco.  I had always seasoned my taco meat with the store bought seasoning but it is not candida diet or allergy friendly.  Fortunately, it was really easy to make my own Yeast Free Taco Seasoning.  With one pound of ground turkey meat and this taco seasoning, we had meat for our tacos.

With the shell and meat figured out the rest was really easy.  Finding toppings was the fun part.  There are so many yeast free, allergy friendly taco topping options.  The only thing I missed a bit was cheese.

It took some work for Yeast Free Taco Night to come together but it was well worth the time and effort.  Taco night is still one of our favorite family traditions.  It’s just a little healthier now.

Taco Shell Options for Yeast Free Taco Night

365 Organic Taco Shells
Romaine Lettuce Hearts
Yeast Free Cauliflower Wraps
Yeast Free Flour Tortillas
Food For Life Corn Tortillas

Yeast Free Taco Night Fixings

Avocados (Sliced)
Lettuce (Chopped or shredded)
Beans (Canned without preservatives)
Carrots (Shredded)
Cucumbers (Chopped)
Plain unsweetened yogurt
Tomatoes (Fresh or Canned without preservatives)
Salsa (Homemade or store bought without preservatives)
Guacamole (Homemade of store bought without preservatives)
Zucchini (Chopped or shredded)

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